3o hours by 2030

Photo by Kate Nottage

Commissioning + Research

As one of the only (but not the only) soprano/double bass duos in the world, we run up against a fair amount of doubt as to existence of our repertoire and thus necessity for our ensemble to exist. In all of our concerts, we seek to show the viability of our combination as well as the incredible diversity in sounds/musical styles that we can produce. So far, we have been successful.


But we want more.


Departure Duo is committed to

30 hours of repertoire by 2030. 


Our goal with 30 by '30 is to form an undeniable body of repertoire that can be shared. It will be 30 hours to share with audiences, with other performers, with collaborators, with other types of music, and with each other.

It will be music for soprano+double bass and for everyone!

Our approach to 30 by '30 is twofold.

We commission new pieces and research and document pre-existing works. 


The world of soprano+double bass music needs new pieces in order to continue growing! Composers, we are talking to YOU! If you want to be part of the formation of a body of repertoire, we want to hear from you. 


Soprano+double bass music is not the invention of a single duo. In fact, pieces have been written for the combination for over 50 years! We have created and continue to maintain a database of ALL the existing music for soprano+double bass. The database is intended as a resource for performers, composers, musicologists, and any other variety of high/low music enthusiast. Keep checking in; we are always finding more pieces and updating information about the entries. Know about a piece but don't see it here? Please reach out and tell us! 


We look forward to hearing from you!


Note: the second page lists works that ask for middle/lower female voice or speaking only. 

Our database is inspired by Paul Nemeth's Double Bass Chamber Music Database and the Resonant Bodies Festival Vocal Music Database