This is the music that we program and play. It is organised alphabetically by the composer's last name.

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* indicates a Departure Duo commission


Amar, TaliaDeus ex machina (2016)*

Aylward, JohnTiergarten (2018)*


Balch, Katherine

  • Vidi l'angelo nel marmo (2015)*

  • Phrases (2017)

Bozich, JosephTwo Wilde Poems (2018)*


Charles, AgustiCants Libro II (2003)

D, E

Dharmoo, GabrielA l'Homme (2001)

Dembski, Stephen: Pied Beauty (2002)

Diener-Bennett, JesseSeer/Seen (2019)*


Furrer, Beat: Lotófagos (2006)

G, H, I

Gibson, SarahFamily Recipe for Biscuits (2015)

Harðarson, Haukur ÞórPoems for the fire (2020); text by Sophie Fetokaki


Jaeger, Shawn

  • Pastor Hicks' Farewell (2006)

  • In Old Virginny (2007)

Jang, Alexthe keeper of sheep (2016) 

Johnson, MikhailEvil's Peak (2019)*



Kennaugh, Adam: Confronting Distance: Moment. Perception. Reaction (2019)*

Kennedy, JohnDeclining (2018)*

Kirsten, Amy Bethyes I said yes I will yes (2012)

Koh, Emilyemojicons (2018)*

Kurtág, György: Einige Sätze aus den Sudelbüchern Georg Christoph Lichtenbergs (1996-1999)

L, M, N, O

Lerdahl, Fred: Fire and Ice (2015)

Lewis, DanielVULNERR (2018)*

Liberatore, JohnPlain Truths from Timothy Dexter (2012)

P, Q, R

Praetorius, Emily: Immensity Of (2019)*


Smooke, DavidAll Are Welcome Here (2017)

T, U, V 

Tschofen, Quentinde este tiempo o desierto... (2018)*

W, X

Walker, Rachel C.Only for noise (2019)*

Y, Z

Yulsman, Sam: seeing not/dim by dint of/what's not seen​ (2018)


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