Past Events


March 10

Split w/ Allison Clendaniel + Lisa Perry, Scott Li. The Undercroft, Baltimore. 

March 7  

Light Pressure w/ Maren Montalbano. Viorel Farcas Art Gallery, Philadelphia.  


March 6  

Split w/ Marina Kifferstein + Meaghan Burke. Scholes Street Studio, NYC. 

March 5

New Textures & Tones. House concert, Cambridge. 


February 29

Brandeis University Composers Concert, Boston. 


February 23-29

Residency at Brandeis University, Boston. 

October 20

Spectrum, NYC. 

October 19  


October 17  

Split w/ longleash. Scholes Street Studio, NYC. 

October 11

Original Gravity Concert Series: Turtle Swamp Brewery, Jamaica Plain. 

September 11   

Sequence at km28, Berlin, Germany. 


June 14   

House Concert, Jamaica Plain. 

April 18  

w/ Callithumpian Consort. Brown Hall, NEC, Boston. 

April 7 

Recital. Clark University, Worcester.

March 25

Split w/ Pushback. New School for Music, Cambridge. 

March 24  

Split w/ Pushback. Scholes Street Studio, NYC. 

March 23

Split w/ Pushback. Rock Hall, Temple University, Philadelphia. 

March 11-21  

Yellow Barn Artist Residency, Putney, VT.

February 2-3

Oh My Ears! Phoenix, AZ.


January 30  

Eagle Street House Concert, San Diego. 

January 26

Craft in America: Window Concert, Los Angeles. 

January 25

Educational program, Westridge School for Girls, Pasadena. 

October 21   

Split w/ Bonnie Lander & John Dierker. The Red Room at Normal's Books and Records, Baltimore. Hosted by High Zero Foundation.

October 19   

Recital. Scholes Street Studio, NYC.

October 18   

Her Voice, Greenpoint Gallery, NYC. Curated by Anna Heflin. 

October 16

Recital. Radio Bean, Burlington, VT. 

October 15  

Recital. Outpost 186, Cambridge. 

Departure Duo in Charleston, South Carolina...moments after our Spoleto festival USA recital!!

Poster from our 2019 spring tour with Pushback Collective!

Working with student composers at UGA. Photo by Emily Koh.


June 4

Spoleto Festival USA: Music In Time. Woolfe Street Playhouse, Charleston. 

April 13  

... somewhere else. Scholes Street Studio, NYC. 

April 12

...somewhere else. Outpost 186, Cambridge.


March 28 - 30  

Residency at the University of Georgia, Athens. 


February 23

Recital. Clark University, Worcester. 

January 7

NO HAY BANDA , Montreal. 

September 23  

NEC 150, New England Conservatory, Boston.  

September 22   

Columbia University Maison Française, NYC.

September 20

skewed acuity at Scholes Street Studio, NYC.  

September 19   

skewed acuity at Outpost 186, Cambridge. 


July 15 

Soprano + Bass + Accessories at Art Share L.A., Los Angeles

July 13  

Soprano + Bass + Accessories at Center for New Music, San Francisco.

July 8

Omaha Under the Radar, Omaha. 


April 9  

high low hit. Spectrum, NYC. Shared program with Mike Jones, percussion.  


April 8  

high low hit. Hartt School, Hartford. Shared program with Mike Jones, percussion.  

April 6 

high low hit. Outpost 186, Cambridge. Shared program with Mike Jones, percussion.  

December 18

pretty high, pretty low at Gallery 263, Cambridgeport. 

November 17  

Departure Duo and Dedications. Lilypad, Cambridge. Shared program with Julian Loida, percussion.

October 29  

Music for Food Outreach at ​Conservatory at Highlands, Newton. All proceeds go to Centre Street Food Pantry.

2016 (spring)

May 11  

Art Share L.A., Los Angeles. 

May 10  

Center for New Music, San Francisco. Curated by Kyle Bruckmann.